We Are Sacred Geometry



Sacred geometry is all around us in every natural organic growing thing on this earth. We ourselves are the very embodiment of sacred geometry. It is literally within us and our DNA. In nature sacred geometry can be seen in tree leaves, flowers, pine cones, and even animals. The ancients used sacred symbols such as the Sri Yantra for tools of transformation.

Sri Yantra (Tool of Creation)

Yantra literally means tool or machine/contraption. Sri Yantra translates as tool or machine of creation. Like The Flower Of Life the Sri Yantra has all geometries within it hence the name tool of creation.


Sacred Geometry and The kabbalah


I also study the Kabbalah in the hebrew tradition which means to receive. I have recently decoded this in meaning to receive to gnosis or knowledge of self. For anyone who doesn’t know what the kabbalah is I always tell them that it is a diagram of the universe and a diagram of the self because you are the universe manifested within itself.

The Kabbalah/Adam Kadmmon

The Kabbalah like the Sri Yantra and The Flower of Life has other geometrical symbols within it and also the Kabbalah can seen within the flower of life and Sri Yantra geometrical symbols.

The Tetragrammaton within the kabbalah is represented by the four fractal worlds Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. These world also represent the four elements within the physical universe and within man.


Also when you stack the Tetragrammaton up vertically it is in the shape of man, man created in the image of the creator. The Adam Kadmon which is the divine man is also ass I get into further depth of the tetragrammaton in the video related to this post.


As Above So Below, As Within So Without

Looking at the inner human and our outer reality we see similarities when it comes to geometry. The galaxies in the cosmos, seashells, pine cones, trees, plants, flowers, and even certain animals. The cells and DNA in our body mimic what is in the cosmos and things found in nature. sacred-galaxy_4_origLets take the pine cone for example.

Marduk holding the sacred Pine Cone.

PINE CONE – PINEAL GLAND. Looking at the pine cone we can obviously see that it has geometry within it similar to the flower of life/Sri Yantra. The pineal gland looks similar to the pine cone. The pineal gland picks up angles of light from the sun and other planets that give off light. These lights or angels/angles of light are geometrical and interact with our DNA. Angels/Angles lights are messengers of God in our DNA we have message receptors that receive these messages from the cosmos.


Know Thyself…The Creator of All Things

With all these things being said and the discoveries by our ancient ancestors an modern day scientists I have realized that we are in fact THE GOD. Not the everyday human self but the true self the self we are working to get back to. The kingdom of heaven that is within. In the gnostic story of the Demiurge and Sophia, Sophia the divine mother of God put her divine spark that created all things within man. Knowing that all the way down to our cells are a mini universe within itself, we can see that we are the universe manifested within itself.

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