Magitek Crystal: Green Aura Quartz


Green Aura Quartz

Green aura quartz is a clear quartz crystal bonded with iridium & gold. It has a strong glowing green light that can be seen in low lighting. Aura Quartz are made from the fusion of different metals with quartz crystal to give the crystal a certain color or “aura” depending on the type of metals used in the bonding process.

Metaphysical Properties

Green aura quartz aids in cleansing & energizing the bio energetic field with a healing green light. Green is a color of healing & abundance and is used as a symbol in many cultures. The Anahata chakra in the Vedic culture is the color green is associated with the heart.  This green aura quartz is wrapped in copper wiring & charged with a tesla plasma coil which amplifies its metaphysical healing properties.

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Details :
Length – 2.5 in Width – 1 in Materials used – copper wiring & tesla coil  
Dimensions 6.35 × 2.54 cm


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